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Crypto-Activity and Blockchain

Studio Morabito offers a wide range of legal, tax and regulatory services for technological innovations for blockchain and their decentralized services.

These services are provided for natural persons or entities, of every legal nature.

In particular, our firm offers services for suppliers of crypto assets and for any other type of digital tool or service with a blockchain basis.
Studio Morabito has an international vocation and has always been active in working jointly, both from a legal and a tax point of view. We are therefore able to provide assistance to those who are facing problems of any type in the crypto-world and for any type of token.

In this field, Studio Morabito provides services aimed to analyze whether the structure of tokens (of any nature), smart contracts and NFTs meet the requirements set forth by Italian law.

Studio Morabito also provides assistance for tokenization and notarization services as well as. Moreover, thanks to our specialisation in art law, we are able to evaluate the best legal tools for the protection of intellectual property for non-fungible tokens (NFT). In fact, Avv. Simone Morabito was among the first jurists to investigate the legal and technical content of blockchain and tokens, having worked for many years in the field of crypto art, Dapp, web 3.0 and metaverse.

Furthermore, our Firm provides assistance, also pre-emptive, in order to analyze tokens and their qualification, for legal and fiscal needs. Studio Morabito is also able to manage regulatory and operational issues with Consob (Italian Securities and Exchange Commission) and OAM (Body for the management of the Lists of financial Agents and credit Broker).

Furthermore, who is willing to sign up in the OAM register can also find professional, legal and tax assistance, through the services provided by the Firm, in order to regulate their activities according to the rules provided by the Italian Law.

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