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Legal and tax advice in Italy for U.S. companies and citizens

Legal and tax advice in Italy for U.S. citizens

Navigating Italy’s complex legal and tax system can be a daunting task for those unfamiliar with the country’s laws and regulations. That’s why Studio Legale Tributario Morabito serves as a trusted partner in providing comprehensive and tailored legal and tax advice for U.S. companies and citizens.

The firm boasts a team of experienced professionals in both legal and tax matters. When needed, our experts work together in synergy, ensuring a comprehensive and coordinated approach to resolving issues.

This collaborative approach offers many advantages such as reducing the number of parties with whom clients must interface. A single point of contact for all legal and tax needs. In addition, this approach eliminates unnecessary handoffs because professionals work closely together, avoiding delays and inefficiencies. All this speeds up the resolution of issues, a coordinated approach that leads to faster and more concrete solutions.

Morabito Tax Law Firm’s focused advice will help effectively handle legal and tax issues by offering peace of mind to U.S. citizens who have interests or commitments in Italy.

The expertise of Morabito Tax Law Firm’s experts extends to the areas:

  • Succession management;
  • International Business Law;
  • Art Law;
  • M&A and IPO in the art market;
  • Tax Law.

In probate administration with U.S.-Italian profiles, we handle the research and inventory of the deceased’s assets. In the event that the deceased drew up wills in both countries, Morabito Tributary Law Firm will assist you in determining which one has validity and how to interpret its provisions. In fact, the rules governing inheritance are different in Italy and the United States, which is why you need our specialists.

Inheritance taxes for assets located in two different countries may need to be paid in both.

We help our clients in the complex dialogue with tax authorities by providing them with information and helping them determine the tax residence of taxpayers, identify income from employment, business, capital.

Studio Legale Tributario Morabito offers personalized advice, targeted to the specific needs of the client, directly in English, simplifying communication to the understanding of the proposed solutions.

In addition, Studio Legale Tributario Morabito specializes in Art Law, this uniqueness allows us to assist collectors, auction houses, artists, foundations and trusts in the sensitive area of the management and circulation of artworks between Italy and the United States.

We deal with the purchase of art galleries, auction house or companies in the art industry. We assist our clients in buying or selling shares of companies on the public stock market in the art world.

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