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“Every day in the front line to defend your passion for art. A point of reference in the field of art law, which can offer collectors, intermediaries and artists customized legal assistance that gives value to your commitment in terms of quality, reliability and support. “

The art market has never been so extensive, both in terms of economic value and geographic boundaries, but also of rules and laws that, today more than in the past, the collector, artist and broker (merchant , gallerists, etc.) must necessarily be confronted.

The Network Art Lawyers | Lawyers of Art come from the idea of ​​art passionate professionals and its legal implications for years active in the contemporary poles of Turin and Venice, to offer public and private cultural institutions and institutions, galleries, auction houses and artists , enthusiasts and collectors, legal and extrajudicial assistance and consultancy in the national and international spheres.

For years in the forefront of this particular Field of Art Law, members of the Art Lawyers Network Lawyers of Art deal with: sector contract; assistance in commercial operations; judicial, including criminal, litigation – relevant to the authenticity of works and the protection of copyright, the right to follow, discipline of goods of historical and artistic interest

But Art Lawyers | Art Lawyers is also synonymous with systemic work, opportunity and experimentation for a careful perspective on the legal problems associated with the world of modern and contemporary art. Its professionals work mainly at the offices of Turin and Venice and have offices in Milan and Rome as well as in Paris and Malta.

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