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Legal and tax advice in Italy for Filipino companies and citizens

Legal and tax advice in Italy for Filipino companies and citizens

There are about 166,000 Filipino citizens in Italy. The presence in Italy of the largest Filipino community in Europe reinforces the friendship between the two countries fostered by a deep cultural affinity despite strong differences. The official language of the Philippines is Tagalog, but English is widely spoken. Studio Legale Tributario Morabito provides English-language services to Filipino citizens.

Italy exports machinery and equipment, chemicals, transport equipment, food and textiles to the Philippines. Italian exports to the Philippines are very important and are worth more than 1 billion euros. The Philippines is an emerging market with great potential for Italian companies.

The main services offered by Studio Legale Tributario Morabito concern industrial law, technology buying and selling, international business law and art law in which the firm specializes.

Industrial law

Industrial law is the branch of law that protects creations of human ingenuity that have concrete industrial utility. It is a very broad and complex field, encompassing several disciplines. It protects creations of human ingenuity that are a fundamental factor in Italian and Philippine industrial and technological development.

Buying and selling technology

Technology buying and selling to the Philippines is very important, particularly machinery for the textile, food and chemical industries. The transportation-related technology sector is also important particularly for motor vehicles and motorcycles.

Works of art and antiques

The Philippines is a country with a young and growing population, an expanding middle class, and a booming economy. The Morabito Tax Law Firm specializes in art and antiques as well as furniture and has a special focus on trade with the Philippines.

Morabito Tributary Law Firm helps Filipino nationals to comply with the rules to be followed for import/export of goods including with procedures such as certificate of origin that must be endorsed by the Consulate.

Studio Legale Tributario Morabito specializes in International Business Law and has expertise in trade agreements between the Philippines and Italy, is able to clearly communicate topics that may otherwise be difficult to understand and interpret.

Morabito Tax Law Firm will analyze your specific case and provide personalized advice allowing you to avoid costly mistakes, assessing legal risks, dealing with contract drafting and negotiation between counterparts.

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