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Domenico Morabito

Domenico Morabito is the founder and partner of Morabito Law and Tax Firm.

He is member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Turin, n.169, and of the Italian Official Auditors, n.39511.

He works in the Turin offices of the Firm, in Piazza Statuto n.10. His main practice areas are tax law and commercial law, no-profit organization, with particular attention to art regulation. He also specializes in agricultural and inheritance matters. He has extensive experience in the wine sector, having worked as business consultant for important companies, leaders of the market.

He manages tax and civil issues for numerous companies of medium and large dimensions, as far as corporate and business are concerned. He is specialist in tax advising for individuals.

Currently, he is President of the Board of Statutory Auditors in A.I.A. (Association of Italian Cattle Breeders), in Provincial Association of Cattle Breeders of Cuneo and Turin (both from 1979); in A.R.A.P. (Regional Association of Piedmont Cattle Breeders (from 1997). He is member of the Board of Statutory Auditors in Provincial Federation of Independent Farmers of Turin (from 1973).

He is Treasurer in the Association Abbey 1515 Onlus, part of Abele Group Foundation for the restructuring and designation of the Carthusian Monastery of San Francis in Avigliana (Turin, Italy) for cultural, religious and social purposes.

Besides, he is also President of the Auditory Board in the Foundation 1563 for Art and Culture (entity of Compagnia di San Paolo), in the Italian and Israeli Chamber of Commerce, in the Turin Council for Institutional Laity, in Abele Group, in the Italian Association for Sport and Culture (A.I.C.S.) – Provincial Committees of Biella and Turin and Regional Committee for Piedmont, in the no profit Center of Studies “Piero Calamandrei”, where he is the Unique Auditor.

Languages: English, French and German.

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    Domenico Morabito
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