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Legal and tax advice in Italy for francophones

Legal and tax advice in Italy for francophones

If you need legal or tax assistance, it is advisable to seek a lawyer who is qualified and speaks your language to overcome language barriers and without having to depend on translators.


Although the parties may agree to use a language other than the language of the relevant court working with a Morabito Tax Law Firm attorney in their own language has numerous advantages, these include: more effective communication, better access to justice, better understanding of the legal system, and greater cultural sensitivity.

Having by your side a lawyer from Morabito Tax Law Firm who speaks your native language facilitates communication and mutual understanding, and thanks to this it will be easier for you to better express your needs and fully understand the legal implications of your specific case. In this way you will avoid misunderstandings and consequences due to language barriers, which despite small differences, can manifest themselves insidiously.

In addition, being able to communicate freely and unfiltered with your lawyer in French will allow you to establish greater trust and confidence, you will feel more confident and comfortable sharing sensitive information and discussing your legal strategy.

You can get the information and legal assistance you need without having to depend on interpreters or translators while fully understanding any nuance of the actions.

In French, it will be easier to understand the Italian legal system; our lawyers will explain in a clear and understandable way the laws and procedures applicable to your case.

Finally, a lawyer who speaks your language and knows your culture will be more sensitive to your needs and cultural values. He or she will be able to tailor his or her legal strategy to your specific situation and take into account your expectations. The attorneys at Morabito Tax Law Firm will thus offer you personalized and understanding support.


Tax differences between Italy and France can relate to various aspects of taxation, such as tax rates, deductions, and taxes.

For example, income, value added tax (VAT) and corporate taxes are different. For this reason, it is advisable to consult Morabito Tax Law Firm, which guarantees a tax expert in both countries and allows you to get detailed information tailored to your specific situation.


23% for income up to 28 thousand euros;
35% for income portions over 28 thousand and up to 50 thousand euros;
43% for income portions over 50 thousand euros.

Italian tax laws can be complex and difficult to interpret, especially if you are unfamiliar with the language in which they are formulated, and that is why you will really appreciate the benefits of relying on a French-speaking Morabito Tax Law Firm tax consultant.

First, you will be able to express your needs and financial situation in your own language, clearly and precisely, which is essential to receive effective advice. If you approach firms that do not speak your language, the language barrier could hinder communication and cause misunderstandings that could lead to mistakes or suboptimal advice. In addition, you would be dependent on a translator or interpreter who may not necessarily have specific expertise in tax matters therefore could adapt the speech without the necessary technical terminology.

With us, you will be able to speak with your advisor in your native language allowing you to feel comfortable and confident and fostering open and transparent communication. This will enable you to make informed and knowledgeable tax decisions, avoiding mistakes that could cost you dearly.

In addition, Morabito Tax Law Firm can provide you with tax and legal services so that you can have a single point of contact to handle your personal and business needs.

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