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Studio Morabito Law and Tax Firm can advise you in civil and commercial law issues, in particular as far as corporate and international law are concerned, both in in-court (before ordinary Tribunals and ADR entities - alternative dispute resolutions: arbitrations, mediations, conciliations) and out-to-court, also international, with preference to agreeable settlement of dispute where possible. Furthermore, the Firm may also assist you in issues concerning tax law.
In particular, Studio Morabito Law and Tax Firm provides specific assistance in the following areas:

  • Corporate
    Company re-organization.
    Mergers and Acquisitions.
    Corporate governance.
    Commercial contracts.
  • Assistance in assessment of income (audit).
    Drawing-up of specific taw requests, assistance in reimbursement procedures, tax assessment petitions in compliance and self-redress before Internal Revenue Services or other equivalent Authorities.
    Tax litigation.
    Intellectual property rights. Copyrights
  • Intellectual property rights. Copyrights
    Intellectual property development and exploitation:
    - patents, Italian and European;
    - copyrights, with specific reference to contemporary art.
    Advise for in-court and out-of-court issues connected to development, acquisition, protection, and exploitation of intellectual property.
    Drawing up and negotiating sale contracts as well as trademark, know-how license contracts, franchising, merchandising, sponsorship, advertising, and technology transfer contracts.
    Patent rights and denomination of origin, particularly within the wine business.
  • Bankruptcy law and Corporate re-organization
    Specific advice in insolvency procedures.
    Help in buying businesses or assets from bankrupt companies or receivership procedures.
    Negotiation in debt restructuring and debt consolidation agreements.
  • Family and Inheritance
    Advise in family breakdowns: separation, divorce, and child custody cases, joint custody of the children.
    Assets’ division arising from the end of a marriage or cohabitation.
    Divisions and sale of assets, investments and businesses.
  • Employment
    Recruiting and terminating employment with executives and non-executive employees.
    Stock option plans and applicable salary policies.
    Individual and collective agreements negotiation.
    Litigation: claims of wrongful dismissal, labour mediation.
    Contested transfers and grievances about salary differences.
  • Lease agreements
    Negotiation and new contracts drafting.
    Assistance in litigation, notices to quit.
  • Litigation
    Advice for cases in all areas of the law your firm is involved in, both judicial and arbitration.
    Alternative dispute resolutions.
    Out-of-court proceedings for resolving disputes emerged from contractual transactions.
  • Debt collection